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SAR-21 Production Organisation Approval

CAAS may grant a Production Organisation Approval (POA) for organisations that are producing products or articles that will be installed on Singapore-registered aircrafts.
Organisations producing articles in Singapore that are subject to oversight by CAAS through a technical arrangement with a foreign aviation authority under a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding must hold a POA.

Applying for SAR-21 Production Organisation Approval

To obtain a Production Organisation Approval, the organisation should fulfil the requirements as specified in Singapore Airworthiness Requirement Part 21 (SAR-21), Subpart J
The formal application package for a grant of a POA should consist of the following:

  • Letter of application;
  • Letter of intent;
  • CAAS(AW)21B – application form;
  • CAAS(AW)22 – resumes for accountable manager, quality assurance managers, and certifying staff ;
  • CAAS(AW)102A – application for approval of design signatory/certifying staff ;
  • Proposed Exposition Document – two copies;
  • Printer’s copy of Authorised Release Certificate;
  • Documentation providing evidence that the applicant has or can obtain the use of appropriate facilities for the scope of work (e.g. lease agreement);
  • Company registration;
  • Any proposed manual, as applicable;
  • Personnel training programmes, as applicable;
  • Statement of Compliance against the applicable paragraphs of SAR-21;
  • A Schedule of Events detailing the anticipated timescales for the approval process.

Application Form

To ensure efficient processing of your application, you will need to use the correct form relevant to your application.

Application Fee

The initial review of the application is expected to take 3 hours and a payment of $270 to cover the man-hours cost of this initial work should be included with the application. Any additional costs incurred by CAAS, including further man-hour costs ($90 per man-hour), will be invoiced to the applicant. 

CAAS is required to charge an annual fee of S$1100 for the grant of a Production Organisation Approval in accordance with the Twelfth Schedule of the ANO.






Singapore Airworthiness Requirements-21 (1,550KB)


4 Feb 2014


There are currently no circulars.

Notices of Amendments

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List of Approved Organisation

Approved Organisation


Approved SAR 21 Organisation (343KB)

1 Mar 2014


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