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AIP Supplement (AIP SUP) publishes temporary changes of long duration (three months and longer) and information of short duration that contains extensive text and/or graphics, supplementing the permanent information contained in AIP Singapore.

AIP Supplements (Year 2014)
207/14Revision to RNAV (GNSS) Approach Procedures for Runway 02L/20R and implementation of RNAV (GNSS) Approach Procedures for Runway 02C/20C at Singapore Changi Airport (1,060KB)
202-206/14Cranes (318 KB)
196/14Introduction of Compact Parking Areas in Singapore Changi Airport (918KB)
191-195/14Cranes (317KB)
186-190/14Cranes (318 KB)
185/14Revision to RNAV (GNSS) Approach Procedures for Runway 02L/ 20R and Implementation of RNAV (GNSS) Approach Procedures for Runway 02C / 20C at Singapore Changi Airport (1,060KB)
180-184/14Cranes (299KB)
175-179/14Cranes (299KB)
170-174/14Cranes (301 KB)
169/14RSAF Aerial Flypast prior to and on Singapore’s National Day, 9 August 2014(615 KB)
164-168/14Cranes (302 KB)
159-163/14Cranes (302 KB)
154-158/14Cranes (303 KB)
149-153/14Cranes(301 KB)
144-148/14Cranes (300 KB)
139-143/14Cranes (301 KB)
134-138/14Cranes (302 KB)
129-133/14Cranes (302 KB)
124-128/14Cranes (303 KB)
123/14Airspace closure Kuala Lumpur and Singapore FIRs Exercise BERSAMA SHIELD 14 260001UTC May to 031100UTC June 2014 (3,793 KB)
118-122/14Cranes (292 KB)
113-117/14Cranes (304 KB)
108-112/14Cranes (292 KB)
103-107/14Cranes (304 KB)
98-102/14Cranes (292 KB)
93-97/14Cranes (292 KB)
88-92/14Cranes (304 KB)
87/14Introduction of enroute Waypoint SABKA for ATS Route A457 (353 KB)
86/14Work activities due to construction of new water retention pond at south end reservoir in Singapore Changi Airport (835 KB)
81-85/14Cranes (304 KB)
76-80/14Cranes (305 KB)
71-75/14Cranes (304 KB)
66-70/14Cranes (304 KB)
61-65/14Cranes (303 KB)
56-60/14Cranes (306 KB)
51-55/14Cranes (303 KB)
46-50/14Cranes (305 KB)
41-45/14Cranes (303 KB)
31-35/14Cranes(303 KB)
26-30/14Cranes (303 KB)
21-25/14Cranes (301 KB)
16-20/14Cranes (304 KB)
11-15/14Cranes (301 KB)
6-10/14Cranes(303 KB)
1-5/14Cranes(300 KB)


Last Updated: 03 Jul 14
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