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  1. Sky lanterns when released into the air, besides being a fire hazard, can pose a hazard to aircraft operating in the vicinity. For safety of air navigation and for the safety of the people around you, alternatives including tethering the sky lanterns to the ground can mitigate against such hazards.

  2. For safety of air navigation, the release of sky lanterns into the air is not allowed within 5 kilometres of Seletar Airport or Changi Airport and during the operating hours of the military aerodromes (i.e. Mondays to Fridays from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and Saturdays from 7.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m).

  3. Beyond 5km of  Seletar and Changi Airports, and outside the operating hours of the military aerodromes, the release of sky lanterns is possible provided its flight can be effectively limited to a height below 200 feet above mean sea level and CAAS has been notified.

  4. If you wish to conduct the release of sky lanterns into the air within the areas detailed in paragraph 2 and/or exceed the restrictions listed in paragraph 2, you are required to obtain a permit from CAAS. Such an application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  5. You should also be aware that the sky lanterns to be released should not exceed 2 metres in any linear dimension.

  6. For the purpose of notification of release of sky lanterns to CAAS (see paragraph 3),  or application for a permit (see paragraph 4), please complete an online form for release of sky lanterns and submit the completed form to CAAS at least 7 working days prior to the date of release. Please also note that the processing of notification or an application for a permit will include coordinating with other agencies, including RSAF, and you are advised to ensure the processing time of 7 working days is factored into your plans for the activity.
  7. You are also advised to consult and obtain the necessary clearances from SCDF at  the following:


    Certification Branch (Fire Safety Certificate and Temporary Permit) 
    Central Enforcement Dept
    Attn: CPT Effendi Salamoon
    Tel: (65) 6848 1483
  8. If you have a query for CAAS, please contact us at:

    Email: CAAS_ATS_ANSP@caas.gov.sg
    Tel: (65) 6595 4088

    If you have a query for RSAF, please contact:
    Tel: (65) 6768 3706
    Fax: (65) 6760 5521


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Last Updated: 19 Dec 12
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