Before flying your unmanned aircraft (UA), it is important that you check that you have met the relevant regulatory requirements including the necessary permits, based on your purpose of activity, total weight of your UA as well as the location and height at which you intend to fly your UA. Please click here for more information on the permit requirements for your intended operations.

CAAS is the one-stop agency for the application of all permits for UA operations. CAAS will process and coordinate with other relevant agencies on the evaluation of applications, and respond to the applicants on the outcome of their application. Applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks before the intended date of operation to allow sufficient time for processing of the permit(s) required.

You will need to prepare the following for your application:

  1. A login account to access the Enterprise Safety Oversight Management System (eSOMS). Refer to this user guide for information on how to login.

  2. Supporting documents for your application. Refer to the advisory circular titled “Permits for Unmanned Aircraft Operations” for more information.

Please click here to apply for a permit. Refer to this user guide for information on how to navigate eSOMS.

Processing of the application starts only after all the required documents and application fees have been received by CAAS. More processing time may be needed for complex applications where there is a need for separate meetings for clarification or demonstration flights. Details on the processing time for each permit and the application fees payable can be found here.

If you encounter any technical problems with your application, please contact us at 

Last Updated on 25 May 2023