Advisory Circulars are issued to provide guidance to the industry on subjects related to procedures.

Air Traffic Controller Licensing

Subject Notice. No Date
Like-Type Group For Air Traffic Controller Rating Cancelled 2 Jan 2020

Aircraft Maintenance Licensing

Subject Notice. No Date
SAR-66 Basic Examinations (PDF, 756KB) AC 66-13(1)  9 Mar 2022 
Acceptable Type Training Conducted By Organisations Not Holding SAR-147 Approval for Type Rating Endorsement on an Aircraft Maintenance Licence (PDF, 73 KB) AC 66-12(1) 23 Mar 2022
Reissuance of an Aircraft Maintenance Licence (PDF, 139KB) AC 66-11(1)  9 Mar 2022 
Conversion of Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Licence (PDF, 174KB)  AC 66-10(3)  18 Mar 2022 
Acceptance of Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Licences for SAR-145 Maintenance Facilities Outside Singapore (PDF, 61 KB) AC 66-9(2) 5 Oct 2012
SAR-7 Protected Rights and Certification Authorisations Cancelled 25 Jan 2021
Conversion from SAR-7 Licence to SAR-66 Licence Cancelled 25 Jan 2021
Suggested Study References for SAR-66 Basic Knowledge Examinations (PDF, 220KB) AC 66-6(1)  24 Feb 2021
Aircraft Types Acceptable for Endorsement on a SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (PDF, 247 KB) AC 66-5(3)  24 Feb 2021
Limitations That May Be Imposed on the Aircraft Maintenance Licence (PDF, 60KB) AC 66-4(1) 23 Mar 2022
SAR-7 Examination Credits and Bridging Examinations Cancelled 25 Jan 2021
Guide to Compilation of Schedule of Experience and On-the-Job Training (PDF, 368 KB) AC 66-2(1) 26 Nov 2020
Sample of SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence  Cancelled 18 Mar 2022

Flight Crew Licensing

Subject Notice. No Date
Conversion of Foreign Professional Pilot Licences Cancelled 6 Mar 2020
Language Proficiency (PDF, 1 MB)  AC FCL-2(3)   6 Mar 2020 
Deferment of Medical Examination when on duty outside Singapore (PDF, 878 KB)  AC FCL-3(0)  19 Aug 2010 
Endorsement of Aircraft Types in Flight Crew Licences (PDF, 165KB) AC FCL-4(5)  8 Jan 2021
Synchronisation of Validity Periods for Authorised Flight Examiner and Flying Instructor Appointments (PDF, 87 KB)  AC FCL-5(0)  27 Jul 2012
Validity of Examination Results for Pilots Cancelled 6 Mar 2020
Ground Examination Syllabus for Pilots (PDF, 2MB)   AC FCL-7(2)   26 Jul 2019  
Guidance for the Flying Instructor Rating (PDF, 130 KB)  AC FCL-8(2)  13 Nov 2020 
Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training Course (PDF, 252KB) AC FCL-9(2) 23 Jul 2021 
Approval for Zero Flight Time Training (PDF, 226 KB)  AC FCL-10(1)   6 Mar 2020 
Safety Management System (SMS)-Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) (PDF, 25 KB)  AC FCL-11(0)  4 May 2017 
Authorisation of Flight Examiners (PDF, 186KB) AC FCL-12(0) 9 Jul 2020
Reactivation Training Programmes for Multi-crew Certificated Aircraft (PDF, 190KB) AC FCL-13(0)  25 Mar 2022 

Training Organisation

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