Exciting career opportunities and good wages await you in the Singapore aviation sector as it rebounds strongly from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Come to OneAviation Careers at Suntec City Convention Centre on 27 and 28 May 2022 and discover diverse job offerings from over 20 aviation companies in the areas of service, operations, engineering, technology and sustainability.

Join aviation and be part of the Singapore team that rebuilds and reclaims Singapore’s position as an international air hub. We give you wings, and together, we will soar again.

Brought to you by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).


Themed career talk series, moderated by aviation experts with the participation of industry professionals, to share the diverse career offerings in the aviation sector, in the service, operations and engineering fields as well as in emerging fields in technology and sustainability.

20 aviation companies will be exhibiting at the event, including Singapore Airlines, SATS, dnata, Changi Airport Group and Rolls-Royce, to engage visitors on their corporate culture and share career opportunities.

Recruitment fair with on-site career coaching and interviews with aviation employers. We are partnering Workforce Singapore (WSG), NTUC and the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to host this within the event.

Embark with us on your aviation journey to discover this diverse and constantly evolving industry!

Themed Career Talks

Each themed career talk and Q&A session will be led by a panel moderator who will lead and engage industry experts and in-service professionals in themed conversations in the areas of sustainability, technology, engineering, operations and services, to showcase key industry initiatives that will chart the way forward and feature key aviation careers and emerging job roles across various levels of experience and expertise.

27 MayTimePanel
110.30am-11.15amA World Below the Wing: The Buzz of Airside Activity
211.30am-12.30pmSustainable Aviation - The Future is Green
32pm-2.45pmWorld-Class and Inspiring: Aviation Service Excellence
44.30pm-5.30pmAviation at the Frontier of Technology / The Aviation Engineer: Powering our Future
28 MayTimePanel
111am-12pmSustainable Aviation - The Future is Green
212.15pm-1pmA World Below the Wing: The Buzz of Airside Activity
32pm-2.45pmWorld-Class and Inspiring: Aviation Service Excellence
43pm-3.45pmAviation at the Frontier of Technology
54pm-5pmThe Aviation Engineer: Powering our Future

Sustainable Aviation –
The Future is Green

Climate change is a generational and existential threat. Our global economy is tightly intertwined with aviation as it facilitates commerce and connects people to the world. As air travel continues to rise, there is a global focus on understanding the environmental impacts of aviation. Sustainability will be a key priority for Singapore’s aviation sector in the coming years as it revives air travel and rebuilds the Singapore air hub. Join us at the talks to better understand what airport and airline stakeholders are doing individually and collectively to achieve a sustainable air hub.

Aviation at the Frontier of Technology

Aviation is one of the most global and impactful industries enabling global economic prosperity. Now, add technology into the equation – immediately the possibilities, both in terms of impact and careers, are stretched even further. Welcome to the world of Aviation Technology (AvTech), where an exciting and dynamic career awaits those who are passionate about aviation and technology. Curious about how artificial intelligence, unmanned technology, data science, and Internet of Things are paving the way for an electrifying aviation future? Grab a front row seat and find out how aviation’s giants are leveraging technology to push frontiers.

The Aviation Engineer: Powering our Future

An engineer is involved in designing and testing products for various parts of an aircraft such as its airframe, engines and other related aircraft equipment. Engineers are also needed for airspace development, airport design and aircraft navigation technologies. You will discover that being an engineer in the aviation sector is more than just aircraft maintenance and repair, it means you can also be heavily involved in improving aviation technologies to support the advancement of commercial aviation, or in aerospace companies specialising in the technological advancement of aircraft parts and equipment. Come and find out more about this diverse field.

A World Below the Wing: The Buzz of Airside Activity

Airport operations encompass all the processes involved to ensure your travel experience runs as smoothly as possible, from the start of your journey from your check-in process with your luggage or cargo, till you are safely seated in the aircraft ready for your impending adventure. No role is too small in airport operations. Join us as we introduce the various professionals focused on airside operations and discover the instrumental roles they play in the safety and efficiency of an airport’s very demanding ecosystem.

World-Class and Inspiring: Aviation Service Excellence

With millions of passenger movements passing through Changi Airport every year pre-COVID, it is essential for every partner in the airport value chain to be grounded by our code of service excellence, to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for every traveller. Sit in for our candid chat with key service professionals as they share their breadth of service experience, training requirements and challenges faced with their continuous pursuit in upholding Singapore and Changi Airport’s renowned reputation for service excellence.

Aviation Hunt

Want to complete an aviation challenge with your friends at the OneAviation Careers event? Simply download the Tbit App on your mobile phones during the event and form a team to search for the answers to a five-question quiz around the exhibition areas to win a fun gift which you can redeem at the event!