An air operator refers to a person or an organisation which is engaged in, or offering to engage in, an aircraft operation.

Your Responsibilities as an Air Operator

The air operator is responsible for:

  1. Acceptance of Dangerous Goods
  2. Storage of Dangerous Goods, prior to loading and after unloading from the aircraft
  3. Loading of Dangerous Goods including segregation, stowage and securing of Dangerous Goods on board the aircraft 
  4. Inspecting Dangerous Goods packages to ensure that they comply with the technical instructions, prior to loading onto and after unloading from the aircraft
  5. Providing passengers and crew with Dangerous Goods information (including emergency response information to train the crew to handle Dangerous Goods incidents and accidents)
  6. Reporting Dangerous Goods incidents and accidents to CAAS and the State of Occurrence
  7. Retention of Dangerous Goods documentation records
  8. Training of employees   

No Dangerous Goods may be carried on board a civil aircraft unless the air operator obtains a permit from CAAS.

For permit requirements on Dangerous Goods, please click on the links below.

Last Updated on 11 September 2020