Singapore - 
A vibrant and thriving centre of
people, enterprise and ideas,
a connected air hub,
a recognised leader and community
with a common passion
- the Heart of Aviation.

The Singapore: Heart of Aviation brand showcases the success stories and aspirations of the Singapore aviation industry and the qualities that come together to make Singapore an Aviation Hub of Choice.

Our Brand Story

Representing the various sectors and stakeholders, this brand speaks of an industry in which enterprises thrive and ideas flourish. It is an environment of opportunities and a vibrant space that beats with the rhythm of innovation.

Changi Airport is an icon of how the world comes to Singapore and Singaporeans connect to the world. The excellent connectivity of our global air hub provides the edge for Singapore to be an outstanding air cargo and logistics hub, and drives a vibrant, comprehensive and efficient aerospace sector. Our extensive portfolio of aerospace capabilities has made Singapore the top MRO hub in Asia-Pacific.

Singapore is also a nexus for aviation knowledge sharing, training and thought leadership, bringing together top aviation organisations and individuals to exchange knowledge and ideas for the advancement of the aviation industry.

The common factor driving our success stories is our quality and passionate aviation workforce, working hard to ensure that Singapore remains a recognised leader in aviation.

Through the brand, Singapore will proudly establish herself as Singapore - the Heart of Aviation.

Be part of the brand

The Singapore: Heart of Aviation brand aims to showcase the success stories in Singapore Aviation and the common passion we share.

Aviation stakeholders are invited to use the brand and showcase yourselves as an essential part of the community. Come, take pride in being part of the Singapore: Heart of Aviation identity!

Using the brand

Aviation stakeholders can use the Singapore: Heart of Aviation brand kit, which will guide you on how to use the brand in your marketing collaterals.




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Last Updated on 20 February 2018