Established in 1958, the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) is the internationally-recognised training arm of CAAS, which offers a wide range of operational and management programmes, most of which are aligned to ICAO's standards and best practices to meet the training needs of the global aviation community.

SAA is made up of four specialised schools: School of Aviation Management, School of Air Traffic Services, School of Airport Emergency Services, and School of Aviation Safety and Security. To date, SAA has participants from over 200 countries and territories.

SAA plays a pivotal role in the global discussion of pertinent topical issues in the aviation landscape, by regularly organising and hosting regional and international aviation forums, conferences, seminars and workshops.

These platforms bring the civil aviation community together for the sharing of aviation knowledge and experiences, while fostering a spirit of collaboration and exchange among civil aviation authorities and industry players.

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Last Updated on 11 February 2019