Response to Media Queries on Singapore’s Actions Following the ICAO Safety Oversight Audit on Thailand

02 April 2015

2 April 2015, 10:00am Singapore Time: In response to media queries on Singapore’s actions following the ICAO safety oversight audit on Thailand, a spokesperson from CAAS said that the safety of air transport and the travelling public is paramount. With the outcome of the recent ICAO safety oversight audit on Thailand, CAAS has stepped up its surveillance and ramp inspections of Thai carriers' aircraft operations in Singapore. Thus far, we have not imposed any restrictions on Thai carriers.

CAAS has in a place a Foreign Operators Surveillance Programme (FOSP). Under the FOSP, foreign carriers are required to have an Operations Permit from CAAS to operate in Singapore. CAAS evaluates an application for an Operations Permit using a risk-based methodology, taking into consideration factors, such as the safety oversight capability of the State of Operator (which grants an Air Operator Certificate to the carrier) and/or the State of Registry (where the aircraft is registered), the operational capability of the carrier, and the safety records of the aircraft and aircraft type to be deployed for the operations. In assessing a foreign carrier's operations, CAAS takes into consideration safety information from other aviation authorities including the outcomes of the inspections/audits they conduct. CAAS also conducts periodic ramp inspections on the foreign carrier's aircraft when they are in Singapore; the frequency of which is dependent on CAAS’ assessment of the carrier. Any major deficiencies found in the ramp inspections have to be addressed by the carrier for it to continue operations in Singapore.

CAAS will closely monitor developments and consider further measures, as necessary, to ensure that safety is not compromised.

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