Applying for a Maintenance Training Organisation Approval

A Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) approval – also known as the Singapore Airworthiness Requirement Part 147 (SAR-147) approval – is required, if your organisation intends to conduct training and examination leading to:

  1. A professional aircraft maintenance licence specified under the Singapore Airworthiness Requirements (SAR) Part 66 or     
  2. Qualification of certifying staff under Singapore Airworthiness Requirement (SAR) Part 145 organisations holding Class C rating

To obtain this approval, your organisation must fulfil the requirements as specified in:

Click below to access the list of approved MTOs:

List of Maintenance Training Organisations (XLSX, 26 KB)

Application Form

Go to eSOMS for the application/renewal/variation of Maintenance Training Organisation.

In the event eSOMS is not available, please complete and submit the Application for Maintenance Training Organisation Approval (PDF, 23KB) to My PEL Hub. “Click here for directions to My PEL Hub.”

Application Submission

Click here for enquiries on Aviation Training Organisation application.