Permitted Flying Areas and No-Fly Zones

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Despite the safety features in some unmanned aircraft (UA), there remains a risk that operators could lose control of their UA during flight. This may result in collisions with other aircraft, as well as injury or damage to property and persons on the ground.

Before conducting any outdoor activities, you should ensure that you are flying your UA outside the no-fly zones and within the permitted flying areas. 

The OneMap app is a useful companion for all UA operators. The shaded areas of the map show the no-fly zones that users are not allowed to operate their UA if they do not hold the requisite permits.

Download the app here, and watch the video below to find out how you can use the app to check whether your planned flying area falls outside the no-fly zones and within the permitted flying areas.

Click here for more information on the different types of UA permits, and the application process for each of them.

Last Updated on 04 August 2022