As Singapore’s safety regulator of civil aviation, we are committed to upholding a safe aviation environment. Through our State Safety Programme (SSP), we continuously improve the way safety oversight is carried out to support the safe growth of the aviation industry in Singapore. 

Singapore’s SSP was developed in collaboration with key industry and government stakeholders and is aligned with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) objectives in its Global Aviation Safety Plan. It drives a more systematic and holistic approach to safety management, integrating more predictive methodologies to better manage precursor events so that they do not become safety incidents. 

Singapore’s SSP guides our safety regulatory work in the following areas:

  • Policy & Rule Development

  • Approval, Licensing & Certification

  • Enforcement & Surveillance

  • Safety Promotion

For more information on Singapore’s SSP, view the full SSP document or watch this video.

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Last Updated on 08 May 2020