The reporting of safety hazards and safety occurrences is an integral component of Singapore’s State Safety Programme (SSP). It enables the collection and analysis of safety data essential for safety trend identification and safety risk assessment. This allows proactive management of risks through timely and effective mitigating measures, before a safety incident occurs.

To facilitate the reporting of safety hazards and safety occurrences, CAAS has established two systems: 

- Singapore Aviation Accident/Incident Reporting System (SAIRS): SAIRS is the mandatory reporting system for Singapore Aviation Safety Instrument (ASI) holders to report aviation-related occurrences as required under Singapore regulations. 

- Tell Sarah: Tell Sarah is a voluntary safety reporting system that allows any individual to report aviation safety hazards or unsafe practices encountered or identified, that are not mandated under Singapore’s regulations to be reported. All voluntary reports are handled by an independent third party and are anonymised to ensure confidentiality.