In Singapore, regular audits and inspections are carried out by CAAS at our airports to ensure that our operations comply with safety regulatory requirements. These requirements can be found at:

  1. Manual of Aerodrome Standards (PDF, 2 MB)
  2. Manual of Standards – Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Training (PDF, 190 KB)

Contained within both manuals are:

  1. Procedures for certification of aerodromes aerodrome rescue and firefighting training
  2. Standards and recommended practices

The Manual of Aerodrome Standards also comes with these forms:

  1. Application/Renewal of an Aerodrome Certificate

  2. Request for Grant of Exemption (from aerodrome standards)

  3. Wildlife Strike Reporting

CAAS publishes various aviation safety materials such as:

  1. Aerodrome Safety Publications
    Aerodrome Safety Publications aim to promulgate supplementary guidance materials pertaining to the Standard and Recommended Practices in the Manual of Aerodrome Standards. Through recommendations, the publications illustrate how you can comply with the regulations.

  2. Notice to Aerodrome Operators
  3. The notices, which could be initiated as a result of ICAO state letters, aim to highlight educational materials on aviation safety to aerodrome operators.

  4. Notice of Amendments
    Stay abreast of the latest amendments on the legislation and requirements through these notices.

  5. Information Circulars (ICs)
  6. For non-regulatory, administrative matters, these circulars will keep you up to date on the latest information.

Last Updated on 31 January 2023