CAAS conducts regular surveillance audits and inspections at our aerodromes to verify that the operations, infrastructure, and facilities comply with the safety regulatory requirements. These requirements can be found at:

  1. Air Navigation (139 - Aerodromes) Regulations 2023 (PDF, 147KB)
  2. Aviation Specifications 5 - Aerodromes (PDF, 4MB)
  3. Aviation Specifications 6 - Heliports (PDF, 2MB)
  4. Manual of Standards - Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Training (PDF, 190KB) 

CAAS also publishes Advisory Circulars (AC) to provide practical guidance or certainty in respect of the statutory requirements for aviation safety. The ACs contain information about standards, practices and procedures acceptable to CAAS.  The ACs may also be used to demonstrate compliance with a statutory requirement in the ANR-139 and Aviation Specifications.