Getting Appointed as a Designated Medical Examiner

General Criteria

To qualify as a Designated Medical Examiner, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Acceptable Aviation Medicine training within one year preceding the date of application

    You must have received training in aviation medicine and you must demonstrate adequate competency as an aviation medical examiner.

    The Civil Aviation Medical Board (CAMB) recognises the following list of courses as satisfying the criteria on Aviation Medicine training for all initial applications:

    1. Diploma in Aviation Medicine Course in King’s College, London
    2. SAA-IAASM Aviation Medicine Course for Medical Examiners 
  2. Acceptable clinical facilities and equipment at practice location

    CAMB will visit your clinic and evaluate the suitability of your facilities and equipment, and clarify information in the application form, if necessary. You will also be requested to demonstrate how you are going to conduct some aspects of the Licensing Medical Examination (LME), especially the ENT and eye examinations.

  3. Suitable IT equipment and connectivity in the clinic
  4. You should be using the online Electronic Licensing Medical Records System (ELMeRS) to access and record DME-related medical services. You should also have a computer capable of running one of the following internet browser versions:

    • Optimised for Google Chrome version 39 or greater
    • Internet Explorer version 11 or greater
    • Safari version 5 or greater
    • Mozilla Firefox version 30 or greater

    Note: The above preferred browsers may be subject to change. Other browsers and versions, including Beta versions of browsers, may work, but have not been tested and are not supported.

Detailed Criteria

For more information on the requirements, please refer to Singapore Air Safety Publication (SASP) Part 9, Chapter 2. 

Application Submission

Please complete the Application for Appointment as Designated Medical Examiner application form (PDF, 67 KB).

Please submit the following documents together with your application form:

  1. Copies of relevant medical qualification certificates

  2. Copy of Valid Medical Registration Certification (Full Registration or Conditional Registration) issued by Singapore Medical Council

  3. Records of maintenance and calibration of diagnostic equipment listed in the DME Application Form  
    For overseas applicants: You are required to submit a Certificate of Good Standing from your state medical council with which your practice is registered. You should also be appointed as a Medical Examiner by your country’s aviation authority.

Submit your completed form, together with your relevant documents, to:

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
Civil Aviation Medical Board
Singapore Changi Airport
PO Box 1
Singapore 918141