Where to Report Illegal or Unethical Conduct

At CAAS, we are committed to upholding our values of integrity, and being honest, fair and ethical in everything we do.

Illegal or unethical conduct of CAAS employees may be reported for appropriate investigation and action via any one of the following whistle-blowing channels in the table below.

Online https://www.caas-tipoffs.com
Email address * CAAStipoffs@kpmg.com.sg
Phone line (24 hours) +65 6213 3528
Mail * EthicsLine Manager,
KPMG Forensics,

12 Marina View
#15-01 Asia Square Tower 2
Singapore 018961

* For e-mail or mailing channels, please download the reporting form here (DOCX, 1 MB) and send the completed form via the channel selected.

The whistle-blowing channels are managed by an independent whistle-blowing service provider.

The information disclosed and your identity will be kept strictly confidential, unless otherwise required by law.