Flying Kites

If flown near an airport or airbase, kites may distract pilots during take-off or landing and/or be ingested by aircraft engines. This may endanger lives and cause harm to aircraft and property on the ground.

How Do I Fly My Kite Safely?

Area Limits Map version 2

Kite flying must not be conducted within these limits without a permit:

  • Within the areas demarcated by red box in the above map.
  • Higher than 200 feet above mean sea level (approximately the height of a 12-storey building) within the areas demarcated by blue stripe in the above map
  • Higher than 500 feet above mean sea level (approximately the height of a 30-storey building) in any other place 

Find out the proximity of a location to any of the areas indicated above by checking the OneMap app – refer to this user guide for how to do so.

Kite Image

Do I Need to Notify CAAS When Flying a Kite?

If you are planning to fly your kite within the allowable areas and height limits, there is no need to submit a notification to CAAS.

When Do I Need A Permit for Kite-Flying?

A permit to fly kites is required from CAAS when the kites will be flown outside the allowable area and height limits. Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It will take seven working days to process the application. The assessment will be conducted in consultation with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). 

Last Updated on 12 September 2023