Unmanned Aircraft

Advisory Circulars

Advisory Circulars are issued to provide guidance to the industry on subjects related to procedures.

ANR101 – Unmanned Aircraft Operations



Notice. No


Permits for Unmanned Aircraft Operations (PDF, 213KB)

AC 101-2-1(5)

3 April 2024

BVLOS Operations for Unmanned Aircraft (PDF, 315KB)

AC 101-2-2

30 December 2019

Centralised Flight Management System (PDF, 158KB)

AC 101-2A-1

4 April 2022

 Approvals for Unmanned Aircraft Training (PDF, 384KB)

AC 101-3-1(3)

3 April 2024

Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Licence (UAPL) (PDF, 262KB)

AC 101-4-1(3)

1 November 2022

Registration of Unmanned Aircraft (PDF, 634 KB)

AC 101-5-1(1)

23 December 2022

Cross Border Permit for Unmanned Aircraft Operations (PDF, 172KB)   AC 101-2-3 21 November 2023
Unmanned Aircraft Operations Over Roads Within Visual Line of Sight (PDF, 219KB)   AC 101-2-4 27 December 2023 

Safety Information Bulletin

Safety Information Bulletins aim to communicate safety-related information to all unmanned aircraft users in Singapore.

Safety Information Bulletin