Applying for an Aircraft Maintenance Licence

General Criteria

If you are applying for a Singapore Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML), you would need to be:

  • at least 21 years old;
  • able to read, write and communicate in English at an understandable level; and

You would also need to provide a letter from your current/prospective employer stating the need for you to hold the AML.

In addition, you have to complete a training programme by a CAAS-Approved Maintenance Training Organisation to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical experience. You must also pass the basic knowledge examinations administered by CAAS, and fulfil the experience requirement under the licence category you have applied for.

If you wish to convert your valid foreign aircraft maintenance licence, to a Singapore AML, you must meet the pre-requisite requirements in Advisory Circular AC-66-10(0).

Detailed Criteria

For more information on the requirements for

Application Forms

Click below for the application forms for Aircraft Maintenance Licensing:

Application for SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (PDF, 87 KB)

Personnel Resume for SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence Application (PDF, 61 KB)

SAR-66 Licence Renewal Form (PDF, 57 KB)

Update of Personal Particulars (PDF, 165 KB)

Application Submission

Submit your application form and payment at My PEL Hub:

My PEL Hub, Safety Policy & Planning Division
Changi Airport Passenger Terminal 2
South Pier, Level 3 Unit 038-035
Singapore 819643

Click here for directions to My PEL Hub.

Click here for frequently asked questions on AML.

Last Updated on 10 December 2019