Unmanned Aircraft

Unmanned Aircraft (UA) technology can spur innovation and productivity, bringing benefit to recreational users, educational institutes, the public service and industry. It can enhance the way we work, play and live. However, flying the UA with no regard to safety, can pose danger to aviation and the public, especially in Singapore’s busy airspace and urban landscape.  

Before flying UA in Singapore, operators are advised to do the following checks:

UA Regulatory Requirements

Find out more about the regulatory requirements (registration, permits, basic training, pilot licence) and ensure that you obtain the necessary approvals prior to flying a UA in Singapore.

UA Safety Guidelines

The flying of a UA should be carried out in a safe and responsible manner. Do refer to the guidelines for flying dos and don'ts.

No-Fly Zones and Unmanned Aircraft Flying Area

Prior to flying UA in Singapore, operators are advised to check OneMap, a one stop application that has been curated for UA users to identify no-fly zones and areas where permits are required to fly the UA and areas where UA flying is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions regarding flying of UA in Singapore.