Advisory Circulars

Advisory Circulars are issued to provide guidance to the industry on subjects related to procedures.


Subject Notice No. Date 
Guidance on the Application for, Renewal and Variation of an Aerodrome Certificate or Heliport Certificate (PDF, 258 KB) AC 139-1-1 1 Mar 2023
Guidance on Aerodrome Manual or Heliport Manual (PDF, 265KB) AC 139-2-1 1 Mar 2023
Guidance on AIS Notification and Documentation requirements (PDF, 165KB) AC 139-3-1 1 Mar 2023
Guidance on Reporting and Investigation requirements (PDF, 167KB) AC 139-3-2 1 Mar 2023
Application for Deviation from Aviation Specifications (PDF, 143KB) AC 139-4-1 1 Mar 2023 
Recommended Practices for Aerodromes (PDF, 791KB) AC 139-4-2 1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on Changes to Aerodrome Operations (PDF, 161KB) AC 139-4-3 1 Mar 2023 
Use of Pavement under Overload Operations (PDF, 163KB) AC 139-4-4 1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on Development Works and Modification at the aerodrome (PDF, 277KB) AC 139-4-5  1 Mar 2023 
Recommended Practices for Heliports (PDF, 757KB) AC 139-4-6  23 Oct 2023 
Safety Performance Indicators and Target Monitoring (PDF, 121KB) AC 139-5-1 1 Mar 2023 
Conduct of an Aeronautical Study (PDF, 225KB) AC 139-5-2 1 Mar 2023
Guidance on Wildlife Hazard Management at the aerodrome (PDF, 289KB) AC 139-5-3 1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on Handling of Obstructions (PDF, 301KB) AC 139-5-4  1 Mar 2023  
Guidance on Training and Competency Requirements of Operational and Maintenance Personnel (PDF, 129KB) AC 139-6-1 1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on Framework for Safety of Ground Handling activities at the aerodrome (PDF, 131KB) AC 139-7-1 1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on Movement in Airside (PDF, 191KB)
AC 139-7-2 1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on Emergency Planning (PDF, 125KB) AC 139-7-3 1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on Human Factors for ARFFS (PDF, 135KB) AC 139-7-4 1 Mar 2023 
Protection against Chemical Agents during ARFF (PDF, 133KB) AC 139-7-5 1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on Disabled Aircraft Removal Plan (PDF, 224KB) AC 139-7-6  1 Mar 2023 
Guidance on the Use of Autonomous Vehicles at the Airside (PDF, 211KB)  AC 139-7-7  10 May 2023 
Guidance on Runway Safety Team (PDF, 193KB) AC 139-8-1 1 Mar 2023 

Notices to Aerodrome Operators

Notices to Aerodrome Operators are published for the purpose of bringing to attention of educational materials related to aviation safety to the aerodrome operators. This notice could be initiated as a result of ICAO state letters which do not require immediate changes to the local regulations, new safety initiatives or international best practices. 


Notice to Aerodrome Operators Status Date 
Mitigating Measures to Reduce Probability and Severity of Aircraft Undershooting or Overrunning a Runway at an Aerodrome Cancelled 1 Mar 2023

Aerodrome Safety Publications

Aerodrome Safety Publications are published as supplementary guidance materials to the Standard and Recommended Practices in the Manual of Aerodrome Safety. The publications aim to provide recommendations and guidance to illustrate means of complying with the regulations.


 Aerodrome Safety Publications Status  Date 
Calculation of Declared Distances  Cancelled   1 Mar 2023


 Aerodrome Safety Publications  Status   Date
Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodrome  Cancelled   1 Mar 2023


Aerodrome Safety Publications  Status  Date
Use of Pavement under Overload Operations (PDF,61 KB)  Cancelled  1 Mar 2023
Safety of Ground Handling Operations (PDF,118 KB)  Cancelled 1 Mar 2023
Disabled Aircraft Removal Plan (PDF,243 KB)  Cancelled  1 Mar 2023
Aeronautical Study and Safety Assessment (PDF,125 KB)  Cancelled 1 Mar 2023
Wildlife Control Programme (PDF,150 KB)  Cancelled 1 Mar 2023
Control of Obstacles (PDF,142 KB)  Cancelled  1 Mar 2023
Ground Vehicle Operations at Aerodrome (PDF,180 KB)  Cancelled  1 Mar 2023
Runway Incursion Prevention Programme (PDF,88 KB)  Cancelled  1 Mar 2023
Calculation of Declared Distances  Cancelled  1 Mar 2023
Understanding Chemical Agents  Cancelled  1 Mar 2023
Human Factors In Aerodrome Rescue and Fire-Fighting (ARFF) Services  Cancelled  1 Mar 2023


Aerodrome Safety Publications Status  Date
Aerodrome Aircraft Accident/Serious Incident/Incident Notification & Reporting Procedures  Cancelled 1 Mar 2023
Submission of documents for infrastructural developments and modifications  Cancelled 1 Mar 2023