Follow us on this journey of tracing the development of civil aviation in Singapore from 1911, and celebrate with us the many milestones of CAAS that have brought us to where we are today.

  • PhotoofthefirstflightinSingaporewhichtookoffin1911


    The first flight in Singapore took off at the old Race Course (now Farrer Park), as part of a flight demonstration. It was piloted by M Joseph Christiaens.

  • PhotoofthefirstoverseasaircraftwhichlandedinSingaporein1919


    The first overseas aircraft – piloted by Captain Ross Smith – landed at Race Course in Singapore while it was en route from England to Australia.

  • PhotoofthefirstpayingpassengernewspapertycoonWVanLearBlack


    The first paying passenger, newspaper tycoon W Van Lear Black, arrived on Balestier Plain in a single-engine monoplane chartered from KLM in Europe.

  • PhotoofSeletarAirBase


    The Seletar Air Base was completed.

  • PhotoofSingaporesfirstcommercialflightwhicharrivedin1930


    Singapore’s first commercial flight – a KN/LM Fokker F-7A with eight passengers from Batavia – arrived on 11 February.

  • PhotoofoldKallangAirport


    Kallang Airport was officially opened on 12 June. Wearne's Air Service started Malaya's first internal air service, linking Singapore to towns in Peninsula Malaysia. Malayan Airway Ltd (MAL) was registered this year.

  • Photoofmilitaryplane


    The development of civil aviation was interrupted by World War II.

  • PhotoofMalayanAirwayLtdMALplane


    Malayan Airway Ltd (MAL) inaugurated its first scheduled flight from Kallang to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang.

  • PhotoofpeopleatPayaLebarairportsite


    A decision was made to build a new airport at Paya Lebar.

  • PhotoofPayaLebarAirport


    Paya Lebar Airport was officially opened on 20 August.

  • PhotoofMalaysia-SingaporeAirlinesMSAplane


    Malayan Airway Ltd (MAL) changed its name to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) after the governments of independent Singapore and Malaysia acquired a joint majority holding on it.

  • PhotoofSingaporeAirlinesplane


    Singapore Airlines was formed out of the "reconstruction" of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA).

  • PhotoofSingaporeChangiAirportPassengerTerminal1


    A decision was made to build Singapore Changi Airport. Start of Phase I development of Changi Airport (which included the completion of a runway, 45 aircraft parking bays, Passenger Terminal 1, a huge maintenance hangar, a fire station, workshop and administrative offices, an airfreight complex, cargo agent buildings, in-flight catering kitchens, and a 78-metre high control tower).

  • PhotoofSingaporeChangiAirportPassengerTerminal1


    Singapore Changi Airport opened for operation on 1 July and was officially opened on 29 December. Start of Phase II development (which included work on the second runaway, taxiways, 23 aircraft parking bays, a second fire station, and a third cargo agent building).

  • PhotoofSingaporeChangiAirportPassengerTerminal2


    Construction of Passenger Terminal 2 (which included work on associated roadwork, two multi-storey carparks, a people mover system [Changi Skytrain], and a baggage transfer system between the two terminals).

  • PhotoofSingaporeChangiAirportPassengerTerminal2


    Terminal 2 was completed and opened for operation on 22 November.

  • PhotoofSingaporeChangiAirportPassengerTerminal2OpeningCeremony


    Terminal 2 was officially opened on 1 June.

  • PhotoofSingaporeAviationAcademySAA


    Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) was officially opened on 22 November.

  • PhotoofLORADSIILongRangeRadarandDisplaySystem


    A commemoration ceremony for the completion of Terminal 1's refurbishment was held on 6 January. One new Finger Pier was opened at Terminal 2 in August. On 1 October, CAAS's air traffic controllers at the Singapore Air Traffic Centre shifted to a new control centre as the new Air Traffic Control (ATC) system – known as LORADS II (Long Range Radar and Display System) – was put into operation to replace LORADS I.

  • PhotoofinteriorofSingaporeAirTrafficControlCentre


    The official commissioning ceremony for the Long Range Radar and Display System (LORADS II) was held at Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre on 27 June. Two Finger Piers at Terminal 2 were officially opened on 20 July.

  • PhotooftheCargoAgentsBuildingCABE


    The Cargo Agents Building (CAB E) were completed in January. The Extended C-Finger Pier at Terminal 1 was opened in December.

  • PhotoofSingaporeAviationAcademySAAconferredthe34thICAOEdwardWarnerAwardPhotoofTerminal3designmap


    Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) was conferred the prestigious 34th ICAO Edward Warner Award on behalf of ICAO's 185 Member States for its "eminent contribution as a centre of excellence in international civil aviation training".

  • SingaporeAviationAcademy2000map


    A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the construction of the new Terminal 3.

  • PhotoofCargoAgentsBuildingChangiMegaplex1


    A new Cargo Agents Building, Changi Megaplex 1, was completed. The 5-storey warehouse comprises 15 warehouse units (approximately 1,500 square metres each) over three levels and offices over two levels.

  • PhotooftheAirportLogisticsParkofSingaporeALPS


    The Airport Logistics Park of Singapore (ALPS) was officially opened. The S$35 million ALPS is located next to the Changi Airfreight Centre and is gazetted as a Free Trade Zone.

  • PhotoofCAASreceivingthe2003SingaporeQualityAwardSQAbySPRINGSingapore


    CAAS was awarded the 2003 Singapore Quality Award (SQA) by SPRING Singapore. The SQA is a premier award given to organisations in Singapore that have achieved the highest standards of business excellence.

  • PhotoofAirbus380


    Changi Airport became the first airport outside Europe to welcome the Airbus 380 when the super jumbo double-decker aircraft arrived for airport compatibility verification tests. It is also the first airport in the world to have a third Passenger Loading Bridge ready for simulation tests with the A380 aircraft.

  • PhotooftheBudgetTerminal


    The ‘Budget Terminal’ for scheduled flight operations was opened. The dedicated terminal for low cost carriers is the first in Asia.

  • PhotoofinauguralChangiAirlineAwardsceremony


    CAAS held its inaugural ‘Changi Airline Awards’ ceremony to celebrate the strong partnership between the Authority and all the airlines operating at Changi Airport.

  • PhotooftheTerminal3Topping-outCeremony


    The Terminal 3 Topping-out Ceremony was conducted in May.

  • PhotoofChangiAirports25thanniversarycelebrations


    Changi Airport celebrated its 25th birthday. A special gala dinner, graced by Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, was held at Swissotel The Stamford for about 1,000 airport staff and guests.

  • PhotoofupgradedTerminal2


    The S$240 million Terminal 2 upgrading project was officially completed.

  • PhotoofChangiAirportreceivingspecialTwentyYearsattheTopBestAirportintheWorldaward


    Changi Airport received from Business Traveller (UK) magazine a special award, “Twenty Years at the Top, Best Airport in the World”, for being the longest “Best Airport in the World” title holder for the past 20 consecutive years.

  • PhotoofinteriorofTerminal3


    Terminal 3 commenced scheduled flight operations.

  • PhotoofCAASandCAGlogos


    Two entities – the new CAAS and Changi Airport Group – were formed from the corporatisation of Changi's Airport operations and restructuring of CAAS.

  • PhotoofTerminal1interior


    A forward-looking economic regulation framework was put in place to strengthen Changi Airport’s position as a competitive international air hub while incentivising its operator, CAG, to be more innovative and efficient in its operations and to achieve sustainable economic returns.

  • PhotoofCAASreceivingtheinauguralAirNavigationServicesProviderofTheYear


    CAAS received the inaugural Air Navigation Services Provider of The Year award from the Centre of Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) in recognition of its leadership role in the industry and promotion of efficient air traffic management in the region.

  • PhotoofMrMervynGFernando


    A Singapore official, Mr Mervyn G Fernando, was elected the President of the International Civil Aviation Organization's Air Navigation Commission.

  • PhotooflaunchceremonyofAviationDevelopmentFund


    CAAS introduced a $100 million Aviation Development Fund to drive the development and growth of the aviation industry in Singapore.

  • PhotoofSingaporeofficialsatInternationalCivilAviationOrganizationICAO


    Singapore was re-elected into the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) at the 37th Session of the ICAO Assembly in Montreal, Canada.