Flying High with CAAS

Be part of Singapore Aviation’s Future

After more than two years overcoming the many challenges presented by the pandemic, the Singapore aviation sector is buzzing with hopeful energy and liveliness again. More planes are taking off, connecting people to places and infinite possibilities.  

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is rebuilding and reclaiming Singapore’s position as a premier air hub. The aviation sector that we rebuild will be one that is safe, resilient, innovative, inclusive and sustainable. As we do, we are creating new career pathways for aspiring professionals to be a part of Singapore aviation’s future. Apply for the CAAS Scholarship today and be part of the next generation of aviation professionals to take Singapore’s air hub to greater heights in the coming decade and beyond. 

CAAS offers overseas and local scholarship for ‘A’ level, IB and polytechnic students as well as university undergraduates.

• CAAS Undergraduate Scholarship (Full-term and Mid-term)
• CAAS STEM Undergraduate Scholarship (Full-term and Mid-term)
• CAAS STEM Postgraduate Scholarship (Full-term and Mid-term)

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