Getting Appointed as an Authorised Flight Examiner

To qualify as an Authorised Flight Examiner (AFE) or a Senior Authorised Flight Examiner (SAFE), you will have to fulfil the criteria as stated in Singapore Air Safety Publication Part 7 (PDF, 124 KB).

Application Forms

Please complete the relevant application form(s) below:

Application for Authorisation as an Authorised Flight Examiner (PDF, 42 KB)

Application for Authorisation as a Senior Authorised Flight Examiner (PDF, 38 KB)

Record of Tests/ Checks (PDF, 36 KB)

CAAS AFE Surveillance Check Form (PDF, 38 KB)

Application Submission

Submit your application form at My PEL Hub:

My PEL Hub, Safety Policy & Planning Division
Changi Airport Passenger Terminal 2
South Pier, Level 3 Unit 038-035
Singapore 819643

Click here for directions to My PEL Hub.


Last Updated on 26 June 2020