A Peek Into What We Do

Get an insider’s view of how it is like to work in the dynamic and fast-paced aviation world of CAAS from our highly driven and passionate colleagues. Find out what we do and how we come together in our different roles to ensure safe skies, develop the air hub and aviation industry in Singapore.

Here’s what our colleagues have to say about their experience in CAAS:


limxuting(crop)  “I’m part of the team that coordinates and develops airspace policies so that aircraft can navigate through the vast airspace safely and efficiently. There’s never a routine day. Each day brings something new, dynamic and exciting that pushes me beyond my comfort zone. This means I never go home without learning something new –be it a new technical insight or a fresh perspective on an issue. The best part is every workday is an enriching and fruitful one, even if it means I am constantly kept on my toes.”

- Lim Xu Ting, Manager (Airspace Policy)

 sidneykoh(crop) “I’ve always been awed by how critical aviation and shipping are to economic growth and linking people and cultures. So after spending five years in Singapore’s Ministry of Transport, I made the move to CAAS. Having worked closely with the industry, I genuinely believe that aviation is key to economic development and bringing countries and people together, especially for smaller nations like Singapore. That said, I derive a lot of satisfaction from being able to shape and execute policies and plans to facilitate the growth of aviation while #MakingSINGAPOREProud.”

- Sidney Koh, Director (Airspace Policy)
 taffycheung(crop) “The opportunities are plenty. I started working in the Airport Economic Regulation and Airport Security division, before moving on to the International Relations division and am currently in the Air Transport division. Over the course of my career, I’ve gained many invaluable skills. At CAAS, the sky’s truly the limit.”

- Taffy Cheung, Head (Climate Change)

 Nurul (resized)  "I am an Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) in the Aerodrome stream. As an ATCO, my job is to ensure the safe and efficient movement of aircraft within the area in our purview while keeping to the safety standards. I monitor and guide the aircraft on the ground. This includes aircraft that depart from and land at Changi Airport.

No two days are the same. We have to be adaptable. We're always thinking on our feet. We work as a team to prepare for any challenges."

- Nurul Aini, Air Traffic Control Officer