Exposing Students to Aviation in Schools 

Aviation in Schools Initiative: Funding and Advisory Support for Schools

If your school is keen to cultivate interest in aviation amongst the students, or develop aviation as a niche or Applied Learning Programme, the Aviation in Schools Initiative (ASI) offers comprehensive funding and advisory support for any activities that foster students’ interest in aviation and its careers, and increase their exposure to an aviation environment.

Your school can enjoy support over three years for a range of activities including:

CAAS ExhibitionBus

  • Curriculum development

    Development of aviation content to be infused into your teaching curriculum e.g. aviation case studies and examples for use in classes

  • Teacher development

    Formal training for teachers and educators in courses relating to aviation content

  • Student programmes

    E.g. aeromodelling workshops, kite flying and balloon craft activities, job shadowing stints with the industry, overseas exchange programmes with other aviation schools

  • Co-curricular activities

    E.g. formation of an Air Scouts CCA, aviation clubs and aeromodelling clubs

  • Aviation facilities

    Physical infrastructure for aviation instruction or education e.g. educational displays, training labs, discovery centre, aviation simulation

  • Administrative manpower
  • Support with administration of ASI and its programmes

    For ASI schools: Get funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs, capped at $150,000, to develop your aviation plans over three years. This can be used to supplement existing funds from MOE.