Medical Examinations for Licences

If you are applying for any of the CAAS Flight Crew licences, you must hold a valid Medical Assessment of the relevant class.

The required Medical Assessment Class for each licence type is as follows:

Medical Assessment Class (MAC) Licence Type
Medical Assessment Class 1 ATPL, CPL, MPL, PPL-IR
Medical Assessment Class 2 PPL, SPL, FEL

More detailed requirements can be found in Singapore Air Safety Publication (SASP) Part 9.

Types of Licensing Medical Examinations (LMEs)

To schedule a medical assessment, simply submit your online Application for Medical Assessment (AMA) via the Electronic Licensing Medical Records System (ELMeRS). Upon successful application, schedule a Licensing Medical Examination (LME) with a Designated Medical Examiners (DMEs) appointed by CAAS. 

For the list of DMEs, you can:

  1. Refer to the Directory of DMEs of CAAS_Jan2021 (PDF, 64 KB).

  2. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, all Licensing Medical Examination and Aeromedical Review Services will be conducted at the Civil Aviation Medical Examination Centre (CAMEC), located at My Pel Hub in CAAS South Pier Office.

  3. This will take effect on 24 February 2020, till further notice from the CAAS. Please see notification letter circulated on 7 February 2020, and FAQ.

  4. All services at CAMEC are strictly by appointment only. Appointment can be made via ELMeRS under “Book Appointment”.

  5. For further enquiries and assistance, you may contact or call 6214 0797.

If you are attending your LME, bring along the following documents for verification by the DME:

  1. Singapore NRIC or FIN identity card (Note: Bring a passport if you are a foreign applicant without a Singapore FIN card); and

  2. Your current Aviation Licence (CAAS or Foreign), if any.

Important to note:

  1. The DME can only initiate the medical examination after ELMeRS has validated the successful completion of your online Application for the Medical Assessment process (including fee payment for medical evaluation). So, fix your appointment with the DME after submitting your application for Medical Assessment and obtaining a confirmation receipt for payment made.

  2. Processing of Medical Assessment by CAMB will take up to 10 working days from the submission date of completed LME by the DME. Cases requiring further actions may take longer processing time depending on the complexity of the issue. Results of Medical Assessment will be sent to CAAS’ Licensing Section on the next working day.

  3. You are advised to schedule your LME within 45 days from the date of medical expiry to ensure that your medical certificate is renewed on time.

  4. Clinical examination and investigation results are valid for up to 90 days for the Medical Assessment, after which they must be repeated for the Medical Assessment to proceed.

Last Updated on 01 February 2021