Converting your Foreign Pilot Licence

CAAS facilitates requests from qualified foreign pilot licence holders to convert their licence to a Singapore pilot licence. You will need to meet the licence conversion requirements including examinations and flight test as stated in the Singapore Air Safety Publication (SASP) Part 2  (PDF, 330 KB), Chapter 12.

Application Forms

Please complete the relevant application form below:

Application for Assessment for Conversion of a Foreign Professional Pilot Licence (PDF, 81 KB)
Application for Conversion of Non-Singapore Private Pilot's Licence to a Singapore Private Pilot's Licence (PDF, 29 KB)
Application for Validation of Foreign Flight Crew Licence (PDF, 224 KB)

Application Submission

If you wish to convert your professional pilot licence, your prospective employer should submit your foreign licence conversion application on your behalf to CAAS for assessment. CAAS will contact your prospective employer for any clarifications, or regarding the outcome of the assessment.

However, this requirement does not apply for the conversion of your Private Pilot Licence.

Submit your application at our Licensing Office:-

Changi Airport Passenger Terminal 2
South Pier, Level 3 Unit 038-039
Singapore 819643

Click here for directions to our licensing office.

Click here for frequently asked questions on Conversion of Foreign Licence.

Last Updated on 28 November 2018