Registering your Aircraft in Singapore

An aircraft shall not fly unless it bears the nationality and registration marks as required by the law of the country in which it is registered. The registration marks to be borne by the aircraft shall comply with Part B of the First Schedule, of the Singapore Air Navigation Order (ANO).

For your aircraft to fly in Singapore, you will need to register it under the Singapore Register, an ICAO Contracting State, or another State that has an air service agreement with Singapore.

If you do not have a Certificate of Registration (CoR), you can apply to CAAS by submitting form CAAS(AW)39 to CAAS, Flight Standards Division.

For more information, please refer to Singapore Airworthiness Requirements, Chapter 1.3 and the Air Navigation Order (ANO), Part II (PDF, 1 MB).

Note: The application fees are prescribed in the Twelfth Schedule of the Singapore Air Navigation Order.

When you register your aircraft under the Singapore Aircraft Registry, the following requirements may apply:

You may access the list of aircraft in Singapore Register here (XLSX, 22 KB). This list is updated on a monthly basis.

To de-register your aircraft, please submit form CAAS(AW)137.

Transferring the Right to De-register your Aircraft

Singapore is a Contracting State to the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol which establishes an international legal framework relating to the creation, priority, and enforcement of security and leasing interests in aircraft equipment. 

Under the laws, you (as the aircraft operator/owner) may file an Irrevocable De-registration and Export Request Authorisation (IDERA) to transfer the right to de-register the aircraft to an authorised party. The authorised party may then file a Certified Designee Confirmation Letter (CDCL) to transfer the right to de-register the aircraft to a certified designee.

Important to Know:

  • The submitted IDERA and CDCL must strictly follow the format – as prescribed in the Aircraft Protocol – in the forms CAAS(AW)135 and CAAS(AW)136 respectively.
  • CAAS accepts and records IDERAs for Singapore registered aircraft only.

For more details on the procedure of submitting IDERA and CDCL, please refer to latest revision of Advisory Circular AC1-5(0) (PDF, 47 KB).

Last Updated on 15 September 2021