Undertaking Maintenance for Singapore-registered aircraft

Any Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company which intends to provide its services to an owner and/or operator of a Singapore registered aircraft will need to hold the Singapore Airworthiness Requirements Part 145 (SAR-145) - Maintenance Organisation Approval.

The SAR-145 prescribes the standards which an MRO company will need to achieve and maintain, in order to carry out maintenance work on a Singapore registered aircraft, or components to be fitted on a Singapore registered aircraft.

To apply for the SAR-145 Maintenance Organisation Approval, the applicant will need to show evidence of the need to hold the approval, in the form of a letter from an existing Singapore Air Operator or a SAR-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation, indicating that the services of the MRO company are necessary.

For more information, please refer to Singapore Airworthiness Requirement (SAR) Part 145 and Air Navigation Order (ANO), paragraph 8A.

Mutual Recognition of Maintenance Standards between Singapore and Partner Countries

Singapore mutually recognises the maintenance standards of MRO companies in partner countries through the Technical Arrangement in Maintenance (TA-M). With the TA-M, maintenance work on a Singapore registered aircraft, or components to be fitted on a Singapore registered aircraft may be performed in partner countries while still complying with CAAS’ regulations. The TA-M is in lieu of the SAR-145 Maintenance Organisation Approval, which the MRO companies in these partner countries would have been required to hold previously.

Similarly, MRO companies in Singapore may also leverage on such TA-Ms to perform maintenance work on aeronautical products from other countries without the need to hold the relevant maintenance organisation approval from the other TA-M partner countries.

For more information on TA-M, please refer to this page.

organization approval application

SAR-145 Approval Application Process

The application process for a SAR-145 approval consists of 5 phases:

Phase 1: Pre-application

The applicant’s representative, normally the Quality Manager, is invited to a meeting with CAAS to better understand the application process. The applicant is required to submit form CAAS(AW)114 to provide information on the applicant’s organisation, key personnel and intent to apply for the SAR-145 approval.

Phase 2: Formal Application

In this phase, the applicant must submit the following document (DOCX, 18 KB) to CAAS. The application forms can be found here.

The application process will only start once the complete set of documents are received.

Phase 3: Document Evaluation

CAAS will review your application documents to ensure that your organisation’s processes and procedures comply with the requirements stipulated in SAR-145.

Phase 4: Demonstration and Inspection

CAAS will arrange an audit at your facility to verify your compliance with the documented processes and procedures.

Phase 5: Certification

Your organisation will be granted the SAR-145 Maintenance Organisation Approval once CAAS has verified your compliance with the requirements. The entire application process will take approximately 3 months after CAAS accepts your complete application.

Note: The application fees are prescribed in the Twelfth Schedule of the Singapore Air Navigation Order.

To apply, please contact us. We will assign an officer to guide you through the application process.

Please click here (XLSX, 39 KB) to download list of SAR-145 Approved Maintenance Organisations. This list is updated on a monthly basis.