Safety reporting made easier with Tell Sarah!

Tell Sarah is Singapore’s aviation safety voluntary reporting system, which aims to derive safety trends and insights through voluntary safety reports, for the sole purpose of improving aviation safety.

If you spot a hazard or an unsafe practice that could compromise aviation safety, you can now easily and confidentially Tell Sarah at, by scanning the QR code below, or by writing to

Tell Sarah QR Code

Tell Sarah welcomes reports on aviation hazards or unsafe practices encountered. Please use Tell Sarah to report aviation safety matters, including but not limited to, flight operations, provision of air navigation services, and aerodrome operations.

Please do not use Tell Sarah to report matters beyond the scope of aviation safety, such as industrial relations issues, disputes between yourself and others or between others, and feedback on airline or airport service.

Reports should be made responsibly and in good faith; please do not make false or defamatory reports intended to harm individuals or organisations.

All Tell Sarah reports are processed by an independent third party - KPMG, and are de-identified and kept strictly confidential. By reporting to Tell Sarah, you can play a part in proactively identifying safety issues to prevent incidents.

Watch these videos to find out more about Tell Sarah. Let’s all do our part to keep aviation safe.

Important note: Reports on aviation occurrences such as aircraft accidents, serious incidents and reportable safety matters are to be submitted through the mandatory reporting channel instead, and not through Tell Sarah.