Application for Production Organisation Approval

To engage in the production of parts and articles to be fitted onto Singapore registered aircraft, your organisation will need to fulfill certain requirements such as the right organisational structure, procedures, competencies and resources. If all requirements are fulfilled, CAAS will then grant a Production Organisation Approval (POA) to your organisation. Overseas organisations, engaging in production activities in support of the Singapore aviation industry, may also apply for a POA.

The specific requirements for a POA can be found in the Singapore Airworthiness Requirements (SAR) Part 21 (PDF, 411 KB), in Subpart J and Subsection VI.

product organisation approval application

Note: All costs incurred for the application evaluation will be recovered from your organisation. The application fees are prescribed in the Singapore Airworthiness Requirements (SAR) Part 21 (PDF, 285 KB) and Twelfth Schedule of the Singapore Air Navigation Order (ANO). (PDF, 1 MB)

To apply, please contact us. An officer will be assigned to guide you through the application process.

Application Forms:

You may access the POA-related forms here:

CAAS(AW)21B - Application Form - SAR -21 Approval of Organisation

CAAS(AW)22 - Personnel Resume (Submission of resumes for accountable manager, quality assurance managers, and design signatories)

CAAS(AW)102A - Nomination Form - SAR-21 Approval of Organisation (Application for approval of design signatory / certifying staff)

The list of SAR21 approved Production Organisations can be accessed here (XLSX, 13 KB). This list is updated on a monthly basis.

See the list of surrendered / suspended / revoked Production Organisations here (PDF, 60 KB). This list is updated on a monthly basis.

Last Updated on 04 June 2021