Under Singapore’s regulations, responsible persons must report aviation-related occurrences, such as aircraft accidents, serious incidents, and reportable safety matters. The submission of such mandatory reports is to be made through SAIRS.

Accident/incident data and safety information submitted through SAIRS are collated and analysed, enabling the monitoring of Singapore’s aviation safety trends, and allowing mitigation plans to be developed and implemented to prevent future occurrences. 

Reporting Requirements and Guidance

For more information on the reporting requirements and a detailed list of reportable items under SAIRS, you may refer to the following links:

General guidance for mandatory reporting by an operator of a Singapore aircraft, including the reporting timeline and format of reports, can be found in CAAS Advisory Circular AC 91-2-2. Guidance on the mandatory reporting of Dangerous Goods incidents and accidents can also be found in CAAS AC 92-3-2.

If you are a Singapore Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holder who has been informed of an aircraft occurrence, please notify the CAAS Flight Standards Duty Officer immediately at 9660 4698.

To submit your occurrence report to CAAS, please fill up the relevant form below and submit it to the email indicated in the forms below:



For AOC holders, GA Operators and Others (XLSM, 1.3 MB)


For Dangerous Goods & MOW Incidents / Accidents (DOCX, 660 KB)

CAAS(AW)139 Part 4

For SAR145 Organisations (DOCX, 654 KB)


For SAR21 Organisations (DOCX, 64KB)