Parasailing is a water sports activity where a person is attached to an open, circular parachute that is towed behind a powered watercraft to sustain lift across the water.

If conducted near an airport or airbase, the parachute may distract pilots during critical stages of flight (such as take-off or landing). This may in turn endanger lives and cause harm to the property – in the air and on the ground.

How Do I Parasail Safely?

Parasailing should not be conducted within these limits without a permit:

  • Within 5km of an airport/airbase
  • Outside 5km of an airport/airbase, but higher than 200 feet above mean sea level (if within the flight funnels of Paya Lebar airbase and Tengah airbase)
  • Higher than 500 feet above mean sea level in any other place


Do I Need To Notify CAAS When Parasailing?

No. If you are planning to parasail within the area and height limits, there is no need to submit a notification to CAAS.

When Do I Need A Permit To Parasail?

A permit is required from CAAS when parasailing is conducted outside the area and height limits. Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It will take 7 working days to process your application, as assessment will be conducted in consultation with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).