Steering your Aerial Activities Clear of the Airport

In Singapore, aerial activities – such as the flying of kites or unmanned aircraft – are becoming increasingly popular. When flown in the vicinity of an airport or airbase, they may become a hazardous distraction to pilots especially during take-off and landing of their aircraft. Depending on their size and composition, these objects may be ingested by aircraft engines. This may in turn endanger lives and cause harm to the property – in the air and on the ground. Aerial activities must therefore be conducted with due regard to aviation safety given Singapore's busy airspace and urban landscape.

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Location of Activities

Some aerial activities require a notification to CAAS or a permit from CAAS.

Please refer to the below map, which marks out the area limits for aerial activities. For specific area and height limits for each aerial activity, please visit the individual aerial activity webpage.

Area Limits Map


For more information on the permit requirements for the different types of activities, please refer to the relevant sections below.

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