Requirements for Foreign Air Operators

If you are a foreign air operator or flying a foreign-registered aircraft into and out of Singapore for the purpose of Public Transport (hire and reward) and Aerial works, you must obtain the:

  • Foreign Operator Operations Permit and
  • Air Transport Permit (if you perform non-scheduled services only)

To apply, please go to the online one-stop portal, Air Transport Licensing and Administration System (ATLAS).

Foreign Operator Operations Permit

Before granting a Foreign Operator Operations Permit, an evaluation is conducted based on a risk-based methodology, which takes into account the following factors:

  1. Safety Oversight of the State of Registry and / or State of Operator;
  2. Operational Capability of the Foreign Air Operator;
  3. Safety record of the aircraft type to be deployed for operations; and
  4. Safety record of the individual aircraft to be deployed for operations.

Countries and / or airlines that fall under the below mentioned lists will require additional evaluation, including visits to the airline’s facility to determine the level of confidence. They will also be subjected to more frequent surveillance.

  1. Countries listed by ICAO with Significant Safety Concerns (;
  2. Countries classified under Category 2 of United State Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Aviation Safety Assessment Programme (; and
  3. Airlines in the European Commission Safety List (

Important to know:

  • After receiving a Foreign Operator Operations Permit, your airline will be subjected to continuous surveillance including periodical ramp inspections and level of confidence review.
  • For more information (e.g. fees), please refer to Advisory Circular AC FOS-1(2) Foreign Operator Surveillance Programme-Operations Permit (PDF, 111 KB).
  • Please ensure that you have the necessary slot approvals before operating to and from Changi Airport.
  • Potential new airlines to Changi Airport may contact Changi Airport Group for a copy of the New Airline Information Package, which contains important information that can help you plan your operations in Singapore.
  • Potential airlines are to submit the required documents at least 2 to 3 months before the scheduled start date of operations through Changi Airport Group’s Airline Development Division.

CAG Airline Development Division

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Last Updated on 24 March 2023