Safety data collection, analysis and exchange are at the heart of two safety management approaches by the ICAO, namely the State Safety Programme (SSP) and the Safety Management System (SMS). 

Under these two safety management approaches, CAAS aims to institutionalise measures that use existing safety trends and analysis to extrapolate future safety trends, surface potential areas of concern, and implement preventive safety actions.

In a step towards greater utilisation of big data to improve aviation safety, CAAS has developed the Singapore Aviation Accident/Incident Reporting System (SAIRS) as a foundational building block to collect the data necessary for analysis. SAIRS is a mandatory reporting process that requires responsible persons as identified in Singapore’s legislation to report aviation-related occurrences that could impact or affect the flight safety of Singapore Aviation Safety Instruments (ASIs) holders.

Besides functioning as a reporting system, SAIRS* is also a means by which accident/incident data and safety information can be collated and analysed – and the safety trends of the Singapore aviation industry can be monitored.

* SAIRS is independent of the Singapore Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting (SINCAIR) system administered by Singapore Transport Safety Investigation Bureau, TSIB.

For more information on the SAIRS reporting requirements, please refer to Air Navigation Order (PDF, 1 MB) Paragraph 88.

Reporting Requirements

General details, including the reporting timeline and format, can be found in CAAS Advisory Circular AC 91-2-2 (PDF, 129 KB). Guidance on the reporting of Dangerous Goods incidents and accidents can also be found in CAAS Advisory Circular AC DGR-3 (PDF, 27 KB).

For more information on the reporting requirements and a detailed list of reportable items, you may refer to the following links:

To submit your occurrence report to CAAS, simply fill up the relevant form below and email to the respective AFO Principal Inspectors.

Should you be an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holder who has been informed of an aircraft occurrence involving the operator, please notify the CAAS AFO Duty Officer immediately at 9660 4698. Please find the respective occurrence report forms below:

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For AOC Holders, GA Operators and Others (XLSM, 1.3 MB)


For Dangerous Goods & MOW Incidents / Accidents (DOCX, 660 KB)

CAAS(AW)139 Part 4

For SAR145 Organizations (DOCX, 654 KB)


Last Updated on 03 December 2018