5,000 Airport Workers Tested Negative For COVID-19

Safety management measures at Changi Airport to be enhanced

About 5,000 airport workers have tested negative for COVID-19 in a one-time operation conducted to test airport workers who had worked at Changi Airport Terminal 3 from early October 2020 onwards. This follows the detection of two COVID-19 positive cases involving airport workers on 24 October 2020. 33 airport workers who were unavailable for the one-time operation have been temporarily suspended from duties until they are tested negative for COVID-19.

2          The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), together with the airport community, has also enhanced airport Safe Management Measures (SMMs). The measures were developed in consultation with the Ministry of Health. These enhanced measures to protect frontline airport workers include:

  1. Use of Personal Protection Equipment. All workers who come into close contact with inbound travellers from high-risk countries/regions will be required to wear full Personal Protection Equipment comprising face mask, face shield or goggles, gloves, shoe covers and medical gown, as appropriate. All other workers will continue to be required to wear masks, and where necessary, gloves.

  2. Cleaning. The frequency of disinfection and cleaning at the airport has been increased.

  3. Surveillance testing. Airport workers who work with travellers, their belongings, and surfaces that travellers come into contact with, have been placed on Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) from 1 Nov 2020. Under the RRT, they will be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks.

  4. Monitoring and enforcement. All workers and travellers are required to comply with SMMs whilst in the airport. The monitoring and enforcement of SMMs within the airport will be stepped up to ensure that workers and travellers adhere to the measures.

3          CAAS will continue to work with the airport community and the Ministry of Health to review the measures as and when necessary.


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