CAAi and SAA to Jointly Host Webinar on Building a Cyber Resilient Future in Aviation

14 May 2024

        CAA International (CAAi) and the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA), the training arm of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), will jointly host a webinar to discuss how the aviation sector can work together to build a cyber resilient future. The webinar, to be held on 24th July 2024, will bring together senior industry professionals and regulators to discuss cybersecurity regulations, management strategies, and oversight protocols in the aviation sector. 

2       The webinar, themed ‘Working together for a cyber resilient future in aviation”, will feature panel discussions, interactive sessions, and group dialogues and along with presentations from cybersecurity regulators from the UK and Singapore including: 

  • Mr Ho Kee-Vin – Director (Cybersecurity and Data Governance), CAAS
  • Mr Jonathan Hogben – Cyber Security Policy Lead, UK Civil Aviation Authority
  • Mr Gaurav Keerthi – Executive Vice President, Advisory and Emerging Business, Ensign InfoSecurity
  • Mr Matthew Margesson – Managing Director, CAAi
  • Mr Ng Hoo Ming – Advisor & President for Cybersecurity & Governance Chapter, ASEAN Chief Information Officer Association, and Advisor (Cybersecurity), CAAS
  • Mr Kevin Sawyer – Head of International Operations – Aviation Security, CAAi

3       The webinar will cover key topics including:

  • Current regulatory framework and potential changes
  • Capacity Building to maintain a sustainable and resilient system.
  • Cybersecurity threats, challenges, and opportunities
  • Harmonisation and prioritisation of Cyber, Safety and Security risks

4        The World Economic Forum, in their “Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2024” report, forecasts that the global economic cost of cyberattacks is expected to surpass USD 10.5 trillion by the end of 2024. This figure highlights the significant financial impact cyber threats, which include evolving ransomware threats, geopolitical tensions, cyber-skills shortage and emerging technologies such as AI, pose and underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures globally.

5        This webinar will be hosted by cybersecurity leads from CAAi and CAAS respectively, Mr Kevin Sawyer, Head of International Operations – Aviation Security, CAAi, and Mr Ho Kee-Vin, Director (Cybersecurity and Data Governance), CAAS (Please see Annex A for their biographies). 

6       Commenting on the announcement, Mr Kevin Sawyer, Head of International Operations – Aviation Security, CAAi said: “We’re delighted to be working with SAA in hosting this pivotal knowledge-sharing session. Our goal is to gain and share insights into the global cyber challenges facing our industry and explore how regulatory frameworks can keep pace with the evolving cyber threat landscape.” 

7       Mr Ho Kee-Vin, Director (Cybersecurity and Data Governance), CAAS said: “The aviation sector is leveraging digitalisation and artificial intelligence to boost capacity and efficiency in the skies and on the ground to meet rising demand for air travel. To do this safely, we need to build new capabilities in cybersecurity to safeguard the interaction between data flow and systems. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore is working with our eco-system stakeholders and international partners to share knowledge and expertise. This webinar co-organised with CAAi is a good example of such partnership and provides a timely platform for experts to convene and address emerging risks.”

8       The three-hour webinar will take place on Wednesday 24th July 2024 at 08:00 (UTC+1) / 15:00 (UTC+8). Interested participants can register at:


Annex A - Biographies

About the Singapore Aviation Academy

Established in 1958, the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) is the internationally recognised training arm of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), which offers a wide range of operational and management programmes, all of which are aligned to ICAO's standards and best practices to meet the training needs of the global aviation community. SAA has grown from a local training school to become a global aviation training academy with four schools offering over 110 unique programmes. Over the past 65 years, SAA has trained 157,000 aviation professionals from over 200 countries. 


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