Singapore Restores and Extends Vaccinated Travel Lane

          The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) will restore and extend the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) and put back on track its plans to reopen Singapore’s borders safely and reclaim Singapore’s position as a global air hub.

2.        First, CAAS will lift the 50% cap on the daily number of VTL travellers entering Singapore by air and progressively restore the VTL quota from 5,000 to 15,000[1]  by 4 March 2022, together with the cautious and calibrated expansion of the VTL to more countries/regions.

3.        Second, CAAS will launch the VTLs for Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These VTLs were earlier announced to start on 6 December 2021 but were deferred on 28 November 2021 due to concerns with the Omicron variant.

4.        Third, CAAS will extend the VTL to Hong Kong and cease the current unilateral opening (UO) arrangement for it, following the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) review of the public health situation there. Travellers from Hong Kong will now have to be fully vaccinated to be able to enter Singapore quarantine-free[2]. The VTL will help maintain Singapore’s connectivity with Hong Kong while mitigating the public health risk. 

5.        Travellers from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Hong Kong may enter Singapore under the VTL on or after 25 February 2022. Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) applications for these countries/regions will open on 22 February 2022 at 1000 hours (Singapore time).

6.        With the cessation of the unilateral opening arrangement with Hong Kong, applications by short-term visitors for the Air Travel Pass (ATP) for travel from Hong Kong to Singapore will cease from 17 February 2022, 2359 hours[3] (Singapore time). Those with travel history to Hong Kong holding a valid ATP may enter Singapore up till 24 February 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore time). Existing ATPs for entry into Singapore after 24 February 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore time) will be rescinded. Those who have not applied for an ATP before 17 February 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore time) but need to travel to Singapore before 25 February 2022 urgently may write to the Safe Travel Office at

7.        Fourth, CAAS will deepen the VTL for Thailand beyond Bangkok to include flights from all cities in Thailand. Airlines that plan to operate from more cities from Thailand under the VTL may submit their plans for designated flights to CAAS for approval.

8.        Fifth, CAAS will launch new VTLs for Israel and the Philippines to establish two-way quarantine-free travel with them. Travellers from these countries may enter Singapore under the VTL on or after 4 March 2022. VTP applications for these countries will open on 1 March 2022 at 1000 hours (Singapore time).

9.        Sixth, border measures for travellers will be further streamlined. The enhanced 7-day testing regime for arriving VTL travellers will cease for those entering Singapore from 21 February 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore time). In addition, VTL travellers will no longer need to perform an on-arrival PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test at Changi Airport. Instead, they will have up to 24 hours from their entry into Singapore to take a supervised self-swab (SSS) Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at one of the testing centres[4] located across Singapore. This change effected by MOH will reduce testing costs for travellers and enhance the traveller experience when visiting Singapore.

Update on the VTL

10.      The VTL scheme has allowed us to reopen our borders safely while managing public health risks. Under the VTL, fully vaccinated travellers from VTL countries/regions may enter Singapore without quarantine and just need to undergo COVID-19 testing. As at 15 February 2022, 2359 hours, Singapore has established VTLs with 24 countries. 389,046 travellers have entered Singapore via the VTL. These travellers comprise a) 109,325 short-term visitors; b) 99,259 long-term pass holders; c) 146,081 Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents; and d) 34,381 children aged 12 years and below.  337,310 VTPs have been issued to short-term visitors and long-term pass holders for entry into Singapore between 8 September 2021 and 15 February 2022.

Key Conditions of the VTL

11.      The VTL is for entry into Singapore. All travellers entering Singapore under the VTL must comply with the prevailing VTL requirements stated at Travellers are advised to check the entry requirements imposed by the respective VTL countries/regions, which may vary across countries/regions and may change as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

12.      In tandem with the rationalisation of community measures, the following changes will also apply for travellers entering Singapore from 21 February 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore Time):

  • (i)Travel history requirement will be reduced from 14 to 7 days.

    VTL travellers must have remained only in (including any transit stops) one or more of the VTL countries/regions, or a country/region in Category I of MOH’s Country/Region Classification for Border Measures[5] in the last 7 consecutive days prior to departure to Singapore. If the traveller has been in Singapore within those last 7 days, his/her stay in Singapore can be counted towards fulfilling this 7-day travel history requirement.

  • (ii)Long-Term Pass Holders (except work permit holders[6]) will no longer have to apply for a VTP to travel to Singapore on a VTL flight.

Currently, all short-term visitors and long-term pass holders are required to apply for a VTP to enter Singapore under the VTL. For entry into Singapore from 21 February 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore time), only short-term visitors and work permit holders eligible to travel on VTL will have to apply for a VTP to travel to Singapore on a VTL flight.  Fully vaccinated Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, all other long-term pass holders and In-Principle Approval (IPA) holders, and children aged 12 years and below in the calendar year do not need to apply for a VTP to enter Singapore under the VTL. There will be no restrictions on the purpose of travel under the VTL arrangement and no requirement for a controlled itinerary or sponsor.

13.      Applicants who require assistance with VTP applications can write to the Safe Travel Office through its enquiry form at or call the SafeTravel Enquiries helpline at +65 6812 5555.

Removal of Pre-Departure Test Requirements for Transfer-Transit Passengers

14.         In tandem with the other adjustments to travel measures, CAAS will also be removing the pre-departure test requirements for all passengers transferring or transiting through Singapore. This will help reduce cost, improve convenience and enhance Singapore’s attractiveness as a transfer/transit hub. The changes will apply to all flights arriving in Singapore from 21 February 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore Time), regardless whether the flight is a designated VTL flight.

Safeguarding Public Health

15.      As the global COVID-19 situation evolves, CAAS will continue to monitor the public health situation closely and stand ready to adjust our border measures with the appropriate safeguards quickly to ensure public health and safety. This will enable us to transition safely and confidently towards a COVID-19 resilient nation.

[1] On 26 November 2021, the daily quota of VTL travellers arriving by air was increased from 10,000 to 15,000, along with the extension of the VTL to more countries. However, with the emergence of the Omicron variant, CAAS allocated only 10,000 to the airlines as a precautionary measure, as we continued to monitor the situation. On 22 December 2021, all new ticket sales on designated VTL flights into Singapore were frozen for 23 December 2021 to 20 January 2022 inclusive, and from 21 January 2022, total ticket sales on designated VTL flights into Singapore were capped at 50% of the allocated quota.

[2] Under UO, travellers do not need to be vaccinated.

[3] Under ATP conditions, travellers will need to apply for an ATP at least 7 days before their intended date of entry. 17 February 2022 would therefore be the last day that travellers can apply for an ATP to enter Singapore before 24 February 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore time).

[4] Travellers should visit Quick Test Centres (QTCs) or Combined Test Centres (CTCs) for their SSS ART. The weblink to book a test at a QTC or CTC will be provided in the Testing Notice issued to travellers on arrival in Singapore. Except for going for the SSS, travellers are required to isolate in their accommodation until they have tested negative on the supervised ART. They should take private transport to/from the QTCs or CTCs. Travellers who feel unwell should visit a clinic for medical advice via private transport.

[5] Please refer to for the latest country/region classification. Please refer to for the latest list of VTL countries/regions.

[6] Among work permit holders, non-Malaysian male work permit holders in the Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) sector or staying in dormitories are not allowed to enter Singapore under the VTL. Other work permit holders will be required to apply for VTP to travel to Singapore on a VTL flight.