Part of the Changi East development, a three-runway system at Changi Airport will ensure adequate runway capacity for anticipated traffic growth.

Singapore’s Changi Airport is on its way to the operationalisation of a three-runway system, with the award of a S$1.12 billion contract by Changi Airport Group to a joint venture formed by Samsung C&T Corporation and Koh Brothers. The contract represents the first of several packages of works for the development of a three-runway system by the early 2020s.

Changi Airport currently operates two runways which serve its three terminals and the upcoming Terminal 4. The third runway, now utilised by the military, will be converted for joint civil-military use to ensure adequate runway capacity for the future Terminal 5 and the airport’s anticipated traffic growth. This conversion encompasses the extension of the runway to accommodate larger aircraft and the development of supporting taxiways to connect it to the rest of the airport, totaling 40 kilometres approximately. 

The joint venture includes pavement, drainage, mechanical, and electrical works, and supporting works like major services and road diversions. The safety and operational resilience of the airfield will be enhanced with the construction of canals and drainage systems to keep surface water at bay on the runway and taxiways. Airfield specialised systems like airfield lighting, and surveillance and detection systems will be installed, and ancillary buildings like airfield lighting control centres and a fire station will also be constructed.

Mr Yam Kum Weng, CAG’s Executive Vice President, Air Hub and Development, said, “In addition to terminal capacity, airfield capacity is a critical determinant of an airport’s growth potential. Hence, the operationalisation of a three-runway system is a crucial part of Changi Airport’s development plans.”

Part of the greater Changi East development to strengthen Singapore as an air hub, the operationalisation of the three-runway system will aid in ensuring Changi Airport’s superior connectivity to the rest of the world.

Last Updated on 25 May 2023