SATS’ President and CEO, Alex Hungate and Director of Kitchens, Rick Stephen with the celebrity chefs. Photo courtesy of SATS Ltd.

SATS has become the first airline caterer to partner a team of five international Culinary Consultants, who will work with SATS’ chefs to bring a wider range of dishes and taste profiles to passengers travelling with airlines serving food from SATS’ kitchens. Hailing from China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea, these five award-winning chefs include culinary entrepreneurs, authors of bestselling cookbooks, and owners of renowned restaurants in-country and in-region. (Click here (PDF, 503 KB) for more information on the five celebrity chefs!)

Together with SATS’ team of more than 52 chefs led by Director of Kitchens Rick Stephen, the Culinary Consultants have created a new selection of in-flight dishes boasting delicious, authentic Asian and international flavours. More than 100 of these dishes were showcased at SATS’ inaugural “Culinary Journey with Global Chefs” event held on 18 August. These new creations will supplement the library of more than 11,000 global recipes that SATS has already developed and delivered to its airline customers. This further enhances SATS’ ability to offer them high quality, differentiated Asian selections – both traditional and contemporary. More than 100 airline customers attended the preview event.

“These Culinary Consultants allow SATS to bring to life authentic, flavourful meals to flights to and from the growing number of Asian destinations,” said Rick Stephen, Director of Kitchens, SATS. “Dining is about engaging one’s sense of sight and smell as well as taste. Whether on ground or in flight, every diner wants good flavour profiles, food that is pleasing to the eye, and cuisine that excites the nostrils with fragrance and aromas.”

The chefs have also worked with airlines in customizing menus to better cater to different customer profiles. Earlier this year, SATS engaged Shanghai’s Qian Yi Bin and Jakarta’s Idham Mirwan (both part of the Culinary Consultants team) to create seasonal festive menus for Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Aidilfitri on selected airlines like SilkAir and Jet Airways.

In addition, the expertise and industry experience that the Consultants provide will ensure that SATS’ kitchens are able to keep up with changing tastebuds and trends in the food industry. Said Mr Stephen: “Food preferences and tastes evolve constantly. SATS always sets out to bring our customers new flavours and textures whether contemporary dishes or traditional meals from bygone eras.”

Last Updated on 20 February 2024