Air Traffic Services Safety Publication and Advisory circulars are published for purposes of promulgating supplementary guidance materials to the standards and recommended practices in the Manual of Standards. The publications are intended to provide recommendations and guidance to illustrate a means, but not necessarily the only means, of complying with the Manual of Standards. Safety Publications may explain certain regulatory requirements by providing interpretive and explanatory materials.


Document Article No. Date
Fatigue Management Programme for ATCOs  (PDF, 117KB)    AC ATS-3 (Rev 0)    2 Nov 2021              


Document Article No. Date
Recency Programme for Air Traffic Controllers (PDF, 482KB)  AC ATS-2 (Rev 0) 30 Dec 2019
Performance Specification of a Visual Surveillance System (PDF, 278KB) AC ATS-1 (Rev 0) 1 Nov 2019



Document Article No. Date
Requirements for The Development of Safety Cases (PDF, 88KB) 01/2012 1 Jun 2012