Air Traffic Services Safety Publication is published for purposes of promulgating supplementary guidance materials to the standards and recommended practices in the Manual of Standards. The publications are intended to provide recommendations and guidance to illustrate a means, but not necessarily the only means, of complying with the Manual of Standards. Safety Publications may explain certain regulatory requirements by providing interpretive and explanatory materials.


Document Article No. Date
Training, Competency Assessment And Approval of Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel (PDF, 280KB) 01/2015 12 Oct 2015



Document Article No. Date
Requirements for The Development of Safety Cases (PDF, 88KB) 01/2012 1 Jun 2012



Document Article No. Date
Aeronautical Data Integrity Requirements (PDF, 115KB) 02/2009 24 Dec 2009
Adoption of Amendment 47 to ICAO Annex 11 (PDF, 190KB) 01/2009 7 Jul 2009

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