How to obtain a Singapore Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

An Air Operator Certificate (AOC) is an Aviation Safety Instrument (ASI) that authorises an operator to carry out specified commercial air transport operations. The AOC is issued by CAAS under the aviation safety subsidiary legislation, Air Navigation (119 — Air Operator Certification) Regulations 2018 (PDF, 128 KB).

i) Processing Time

As the application for, and grant of, an AOC is a complex process, application must be made at least six months before the anticipated start of operations. The processing time is dependent on your ability to comply with our regulatory requirements, which include:

  1. Demonstration of an appropriate organisational structure;
  2. Method of operational control;
  3. Supervision of flight operations;
  4. Training programme; and
  5. Maintenance arrangements.
AOC Application Process

ii) AOC Application Process

The 5-phase process is as follows:

Phase 1: Pre-application discussion

Phase 2: Formal application

  • Complete and submit to CAAS form CAAS(AW)67 and all required Manuals and Exposition Documents (listed below), with a non-refundable application fee as specified in the Second Schedule of the ANR-119  (PDF, 128 KB).

    What to submit:

    1. Operations Manual(s);
    2. Training Manual(s);
    3. Engineering Exposition Document(s) / Maintenance Control Manual(s);
    4. Aircraft Flight Manual and Performance Schedules;
    5. Safety Management System Manual; and
    6. Any other relevant manuals/documents
    7. For more information, please refer to Notes 1-12 on pages 5-7 of form CAAS(AW)67.

    Important to Know:

  • Please complete Forms CAAS(FO)107, CAAS(FO)108 and CAAS(FO)109 to confirm your compliance to the structure, format and contents of the Operations Manual, as well as the flight safety documentation system under the AOCR.

  • Submit the contents and your Operations Manual, organised in the structure as spelt out in the Fourth Schedule of ANR-121/135, to CAAS. For details on the Operations Manual, please refer to regulation 21 of the ANR-119.

  • Periodic meetings will be arranged with you to discuss the plans and proposed aircraft types, operations, management structure, flight/ground crew structures, training, premises, equipment, critical time-lines, etc.

Phase 3: Document evaluation

  • A thorough evaluation of your manuals, documents and attachments submitted will be conducted by CAAS.

Phase 4: Demonstration and Inspection

  • Demonstrate to CAAS your ability to comply with regulations and safe operating practices.
  • Demonstrate to CAAS that your operator has an organisation structure, method of control and supervision of flights, training, ground handling and maintenance through proving flights and evaluation of respective organisations.

Phase 5: Certification 

After all the demonstrations and evaluations, including review of documentation, have been completed satisfactorily, you will be awarded with the AOC and its applicable Operations Specifications.

Periodic inspections of your operations will be conducted by CAAS to ensure continued compliance with the regulations and safe operating practices.

Note: The application fees are prescribed in the Second Schedule of the ANR-119.

Last Updated on 21 May 2021