Our Eyes in the Skies

Air traffic control professionals are the people who work around the clock at our air traffic control facilities to ensure the safe and expeditious flow of air traffic. They are the Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) and Air Traffic Control Support Officers (ATCSOs). To meet the demands and challenges of our growing aviation industry, we constantly work to build a team of highly trained air traffic control professionals in support of CAAS’ role as an air navigation services provider (ANSP).

Read on to find out more about each role, or click here to learn about the job requirements:

  • Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs)
    • ATCOs keep the skies safe by ensuring that the aircraft are adequately separated from each other.
    • ATCOs communicate with pilots to provide flight information, air traffic advisories and air traffic control guidance within the Singapore FIR. Where necessary, ATCOs will alert appropriate organisations to assist the aircraft in need of search and rescue aid.
    • ATCOs handle over 676,000 air traffic movements across the Singapore Flight Information Region (FIR) each year.
    • Air traffic control is a very demanding and stressful job, and ATCOs are subject to a stringent selection and training process.
  • Air Traffic Control Support Officers (ATCSOs)
    • Air Traffic Control Support Officers (ATCSOs) assist Air Traffic Control Officers in their everyday tasks by communicating with pilots on High Frequency radio, coordinating air traffic movements with neighbouring ATC centres, and providing aeronautical and meteorological updates to pilots. They also prepare aviation briefing bulletins to alert pilots and other airspace providers on possible dangers or issues.
Did you know that...
ships passing through the sea, just north of Changi Airport, may pose as obstructions to aircraft landing and taking off from the airport? This is handled by ATCSOs who monitor ship movements through specialised equipment from their working positions.