Applying for an Initial Certificate of Qualification for FSTD

Before offering or using a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) for training or other purposes, the first step that you need to take is to apply for an initial Certificate of Qualification for the FSTD.

To apply for an initial Certificate of Qualification for the FSTD, please submit an analysis of the training tasks which you intend to perform on the FSTD along with the related simulation features, including the associated levels of fidelity.

Please include the following information in your application:

  1. Completed Form CAAS(FO)71 / FSTD 01 – Application for Qualification and/or Approval to Use a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) ;


  2. A description of the training tasks to be performed using the FSTD, in relation to requirements relating to pilot licensing, qualification, rating and training;


  3. An indication of the desired level of qualification in accordance with the FSTD Type of Device, or variation thereof, as indicated in Part I, Appendix B of ICAO Doc 9625 Volume 1 (Aeroplane) 3rd Edition or Volume II (Helicopter) 1st Edition, or as amended;

  5. A training task matrix which compares each training task, differentiated on the basis of licensing or qualification requirements, against the suite of simulation features. Each simulation feature shall be defined as “Specific”, “Representative” or “Generic” level of fidelity, or if the feature is not required, indicate as “None";

  7. A statement that the FSTD has been thoroughly tested using a documented acceptance testing procedure covering cockpit layout, all simulated aeroplane or helicopter systems and the Instructor Operating Station as well as the engineering facilities, motion, visual and other systems, as applicable. In addition, a statement must be provided that the FSTD meets the criteria described in Singapore Air Safety Publication (SASP) Part 11. The applicant must further certify that all the Qualification Test Guide (QTG) tests for the requested qualification level have been satisfactorily conducted;


  8. A copy of the QTG to be used for the qualification of the FSTD;


  9. The Master Qualification Test Guide (MQTG);


  10. Documentation supporting Quality Management System and Configuration Management; and


  11. Any other documents or records that support the application for the Certification of Qualification for the FSTD

Notice Period

Remember to:

  1. Notify CAAS Airworthiness / Flight Operations (A/FO) Division not less than 6 months prior to the planned evaluation; and
  2. Submit your application at least 3 months prior to the planned evaluation date.

To apply, please contact us. We will assign an officer to guide you through the application process.

Certificate Validity

The Certificate of Qualification for an FSTD is valid for up to 12 months from the date specified on it.

However, the validity is contingent upon the FSTD’s continued compliance with the respective requirements and criteria used during its qualification. Should you not be able to maintain the FSTD’s continued compliance with the respective requirements and criteria, please inform the CAAS A/FO Division. CAAS may conduct special evaluations if there is reason to believe that the FSTD is not performing according to the requirements or criteria used during its qualification.

Note: You can apply for a renewal of the Certificate using the same form CAAS(FO)71 / FSTD 01.