Aviation Development Fund

The Aviation Development Fund (ADF) is one of the key initiatives that supports the development and growth of the aviation industry in Singapore. The ADF focuses on the following areas:

Airport Productivity for Long-term Manpower Sufficiency 

Innovation to Drive Development of New Capabilities

Manpower Development for Higher-skilled Jobs

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Some of the successful projects supported by ADF include:

  • Cargo Operation Monitoring System by dnata

    Dnata installed special cameras and tags at their Cargo Terminal to monitor and record the movement of their cargo. Relevant video footage can be extracted for mishandling investigations, increasing efficiency of investigations by more than 60%.

  • Early Check-in by Changi Airport Group (CAG)

    Early check-in (ECI) services provide passengers the flexibility to check in – up to 24 hours – before their flights take off. However, for airlines to provide ECI, they must have at least one counter available at all times to provide this service. CAG introduced a common ECI lounge at each terminal for all early check-in passengers from participating airlines. The lounge helps to optimise counter usage and manpower deployment, leading to a productivity gain of about 20% in terms of man-hour savings.

  • Flexible Assembly Line by SATS

    SATS’ new automated tray assembly line uses robotic arm technology – with a vision inspection system – to pick, check and place airline service ware and food items. Where airline meal trays used to be assembled by five to six workers in each line, the new automated line now requires only two to three workers. This project has reduced manpower needs and increased productivity by 50%.

  • Implementation of Self-service Check-in Kiosks by SIA

  • SIA’s implementation of self-service check-in kiosks at Terminal 2 and 3 was supported by ADF. Benefits include the deployment of fewer passenger service agents and reduced queuing time for passengers. The ADF also supports several other airlines in providing self-service options at Changi Airport.

    For more information on ADF, please contact:

    Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
    Aviation Industry Division
    Email: caas_ai@caas.gov.sg