Adopting A Progressive Approach

Singapore adopts a liberal aviation policy which gives airlines complete flexibility to respond to market opportunities. This makes Singapore a transfer hub of choice for passengers and shippers as they benefit from the widest possible travel and flight options at competitive rates.

Singapore has concluded air services agreements with more than 130 States and Territories, of which over 60 are Open Skies Agreements. As Open Skies Agreements allow carriers to operate any number of flights between and beyond both signatory states, this means that they can tap traffic from third countries to improve the commercial viability of scheduled flights.

Singapore is a signatory to the Multilateral Agreement for the Liberalisation of Air Transport (MALIAT). Signed between Brunei Darussalam, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States of America, it grants Open Skies Arrangements between the signatories. Singapore is also a signatory to the ASEAN Roadmap for the Integration of the Air Travel Sector (RIATS), advocating the liberalisation of air services within ASEAN to support the growing trade, tourism and people flow within the region.