Issuing Approvals, Licences and Certificates

To date, we have 4 certified air operators, over 200 Singapore-registered aircraft, more than 7,000 licensed personnel, 200 approved organisations involved in aircraft maintenance repair, overhaul, design and production of aeronautical products, and more than 20 training organisations.

To ensure that regulated entities operate safely within the aviation system, they are required to obtain approvals, licences and certificates from CAAS as proof that they  meet the regulatory requirements for their respective activities:

  • Air Operations
    •  Our certified air operators include Singapore Airlines, SIA Cargo, Silkair, Jetstar Asia, Scoot-Tigerair and ST Aerospace
  • Operation of Singapore-registered Aircraft
    • This includes Commercial Aircraft and General Aviation Aircraft
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
  • Design and Production of Aeronautical Products
  • Aerodrome Operations
  • Training Provision
    • E.g. Flying Training, Maintenance Training, Air Traffic Control Training, Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Training
  • Aviation Professionals
    • E.g. Flight Crew, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

CAAS regulates Changi and Seletar airports too, and ensures safety oversight for the provision of air navigation services in the Singapore Flight Information Region (FIR).

We also set medical requirements for aviation professionals. For more information on our work in aviation medicine, please click here.